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USA Equipment — to Deliver a Better World!

USA Equipment has a long and rich history in construction demolition. We started as a small company and have made a lot of efforts to become the leader in North America. We strictly follow the laws and safety rules. We welcome people to get acquainted with our company, history, team and projects we’ve made.

Nelson Gonzalez — Owner

Our mission
Our History

We have been around for over 40 years, so we really mean it when we say we’re here to help you.

We work for years and have gained a reputation of credible and reliable.


We bring years of experience with a wide variety of different types of projects from Demolition, Site Clearing and Earthwork to Mechanical Dredging, we have experience personnel and the equipment to do the job right.

Professional Teamwork

All of our projects are professionally planned, managed and executed by experienced and skilled team members to suit individual client requirements.

Working with us

Extensive Company Network

We are open to any cooperation with other companies! We can establish long-term and mutually beneficial relations and become reliable partners.

We own and maintain a distinctive fleet of wheeled and track excavators including Loaders End Dumps Barges and Push Boats equipped with dual gas outboards motors and compactors to service the needs of our customers throughout the State of Florida.


Check our achivements and results we have gained during this year!

Mary Karter Manager

Working with BuildWall is a pleasure, as working with high-class professionals is always a pleasure. I am completely satisfied with my project. I selected BuildWall…

Adam Smith Accountant

Their reputation is on the highest level and their portfolio speaks for itself. BuildWall is a team of like-minded people who indeed love their job.…

Tom Ford Manager

I selected BuildWall among other companies because of good recommendations I’ve heard. Their reputation is on the highest level and their portfolio speaks for itself.…

We Are USA Equipment

We have been transforming the ideas and visions into award-winning projects.